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!peeeb, 2018


#elenao, 2018

Darren O'Connor sculpture 'clay Bela' 2016

promised land, 2016

3 9 7  G a l e r i a

artist Darren O'Connor, untitled photograph/performance, Brazil, 2013

397 Galeria is an experimental artist-led space founded in November 2013 as the first ever art gallery in Cambui. Marcia Louzada was invited to transform a small town house by Tota Morais who is a local artist and musician. The first exhibition was his first solo exhibition and it was entitled Olhos abstratos (im)possiveis conversars; curated by Marcia Louzada it was such a resounding success they decided to invite other practitioners to exhibit at the space. 397 continued to stage five multi-disciplinary events with in its first year bringing together British and Brazilian artists working alongside musicians from the local area.

G a l e r i a  B a z a r  d o  L e ã o

C a m b u í 1, 2, 3.

Cambuí 123 is a retrospective exhibition curated by Marcia Louzada in collaboration with Conselho Municipal do Patrimônio Histórico e Cultural de Cambuí e pela Secretaria de Educação.

Cambuí has always been a major focus for its artists; their work created over the past century is an archive through which we are able to trace  change in a detailed way, since the town was founded in 1892. Cornélio Lambert’s photography is central to this exhibition; it describes Cambuí in its raw infancy and provides us with a valuable insight of those early times when despite great political uncertainty a small town begins to thrive.

Ownership of Cornélio Lambert’s portfolio is the subject of a protracted legal dispute.

we work with:

   The park at Morro  da Queimada, MG, Brazil  2009

 UTSHA Foundation.for Contemporary Art, Odissa

New British Art,' Blue Hangar Project', 2012

New British Art Blue Hangar Project 2010-2012

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