'Marcio Mello approached me about making a bell for ‘Promise Land’ in August 2015 shortly after receiving permission (from Samir Yazbek) to translate the play into English. I had never considered that I would make another bell; the previous two had proved too dense; a bit murky maybe.


A short time later Marcio introduced me to Director Ramiro Silveira and together we decided that the bell should implode spontaneously during the play so there would be an aspect beyond our control, which might throw up questions we were not ready for.

In October the same year New British Art, UTSHA Foundation and Abstract House decided to connect via a series of residencies the first of which to involve me at New British Art. I used this time to make the mold for the bell with Mark Halliday.


I produced a number of sculptures and tested various methods for expediting the drying process using heat and fans. Prior to the dramatic reading at the Brazilian Embassy on August 12th the bell had been sited in the gallery for 4 days; there were several advanced cracks developing, which were causing not a small amount of anxiety. I connected two small fans, rescued from old computers, to two 14volt cordless drill batteries, hung one through the top of the bell with the second running underneath. A very faint whirring was audible throughout the reading but the bell did not collapse.


Although it might have.'